faq (frequently asked questions)

Who is visiting the Rage-Club?

The Rage-Club is orientated to a gay public. The admission is given to males only. The minimum age is 18.

Is there a dress code every night?

There's no dress code at the Rage club (groundfloor and cellar). But an absolutely strict dress code at Sector C (1st floor). The admission can be refused.

Is it possible to take a shower?

Yes, there is a shower on the 1st floor next to the toilets. Free shower gel is at your disposal. A bath- towel can be loaned for 5.- swiss francs at the groundfloor-bar (+ 5.- swiss francs deposit).

Is there a wardrobe?

Yes, there are various possibilities to deposit your stuff: On fridays and saturdays: the main-wardrobe is located at the entrance, next to the box-office. Besides, there is an additional wardrobe at Sector C. Wednesdays, thursdays and sundays: the wardrobe is at the bar on the groundfloor.

Are there deposit boxes ?

Yes, there are deposit boxes at the Rage Club and Sector C. The use of this deposit boxes is CHF 1.- + CHF 2.- for deposit (deposit will be refund)

Which age-group visits the Rage?

The age of our visitors is very different. Most of them are between 30 and 45 years old. But you can also meet boys around 25. Especially at the sportswear-party the average is clearly younger.

Are women allowed?

No. There's no admission for women.

Are transvestites allowed?

No. There's no admission for males in women's dresses.

Do I get always admission to Sector C when I'm naked ?

No. If you're naked, you can only get admission to Sector C at the "naked party", or at the "piss Party" and at "Code-free".

Is it allowed to walk around naked at the rage club?

Yes. It's always allowed to walk around naked at the Rage club. But we strongly recommend shoes, as there sometimes used condoms or maybe broken pieces of glass are on the floor.

Are there parking lots and where?

Yes, there are a lot of parking lots directly in front of the Rage club. You are allowed to use all yellow marked parking lots. But please don't park in front of a garage gate, or you will be towed away.

Is it possible to pay by credit card?

No. We accept only cash (swiss francs and euro).

Do you accept Euro?

Yes. You can pay with Euro. You will get the change in swiss francs. We don't accept any other currency.

Is there any public transport after midnight?

Yes, on fridays and saturdays night-buses and night-trains are running from Schlieren to different directions:

> Time table of the Zurich traffic/bus service (VBZ)

> Time table of the Swiss train service (SBB)

During the week and sundays, there's no public transport running.