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sector a  closed 19 h - 1 h 22 h - 4 h 22 h - 5 h 17 h - 1 h
sector b  closed 19 h - 1 h 22 h - 4 h 22 h - 5 h 17 h - 1 h
sector c  closed ----- 23 h - 4 h 23 h - 5 h -----


next event

fucktory / urban gear party

#156a totally mixed audience distinguishes the "fucktory_urban gear party". get dressed, what makes you horny and let yourself be lift-up by the progressive tribal beats. no dresscode all over the club.



kick-off ! "f*ck me"

#158more and more soccer players have their coming out as gay and with the "kick-off!" sportswear + sneakers party we offer you the opportunity to live out this trend with the clear message "f *ck me"! without sportswear+sneakers, there is no intake into the sector c. look forward to a fucky sports event !



baustelle / workers in gear

#159europe's horniest workwear party "workers in gear" welcomes you to the construction site area ! carpentry, construction workers, carpenters in worker-pants, dungarees and guild-pants meet for horny worker-sex-sessions. for the full worker bladder ensures the construction-site beer card 3 for 2 ! work hard & play safe. admission to sector c in workwear or army-oufit only.



sector c: underwear, jocks, sports-shorts +plus

#160RAGE EASTER WEEKEND 2018 - easter welcum party. at sector c: underwear, jocks, sports-shorts +plus. we size-up the "easter bunny hunting area" and include the galerie and the lounge. our easter motto: bigger and hornier !



sector c: easter naked +plus

#161RAGE EASTER WEEKEND 2018 - easter friday party. with the big naked-party at sector c: easter naked party +plus. including the galerie and the lounge. there you do not have to search for the eggs for a long time!



easter playroom

#162RAGE EASTER MEETING 2018 - the fetish-meeting for easter at the rage club and sector c: "playroom". hot leather, shiny rubber, guys in army- and uniform outfits, worker- and skin-gear. here you'll meet the whole variety of the fetish-scene. in big cruising zones, darkrooms, playrooms and cabins, you can live out your fetish desires. admission to the sector c with leather, rubber, army, uniform, worker- or skin-gear only.



easter freistoss "blow-it !"

#163RAGE EASTER WEEKEND 2018 - the sports-blow-bunnies are very busy at the "easter freistoss" sportswear+sneakers party under the motto: "blow-it !". on 3 levels are huge cruising zones, darkrooms and cabins at your disposal for extensive rammings ! admission to the sector c with sports-shorts, soccer-teamwear, trackpants, tracksuits, sneakers and soccer-socks only.



sector c: sportswear_extra

#165sector c: admission in sportswear [sports-shorts, track-pants/suits, sneakers] with sports-shirts or topless. extra:_additionally allowed: sports-shorts and jocks in combination with a harness. no dresscode on the sectors a+b.




#166clear announcement with the hanky code: by wearing the white bracelet on the left (active) or right (passive) side, the hot assfucking can start immediately. no dresscode on all sectors.



sector c: naked party +plus

#167once again, bigger and hornier: the naked party +plus at sector c, including the gallery and the lounge ! please pay the "jeton" or CHF 5.- on the bar at sector c. thank you !



sector c: underwear, jocks, naked

#169"show me your underwear", admission only in underwear, boxer-shorts, slips, jocks or naked. topless only. no dresscode on the sectors a+b.



sector c: x-treme rubber+leather

#168the uncompromising fetish-party at sector c: x-treme rubber+leather. only leather or rubber on the naked skin. under the motto "play this!" you can enjoy your favourite fetish role plays. no dresscode on the sectors a+b.