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sector a  closed 19 h - 1 h 22 h - 4 h 22 h - 5 h 17 h - 1 h
sector b  closed 19 h - 1 h 22 h - 4 h 22 h - 5 h 17 h - 1 h
sector c  closed ----- 23 h - 4 h 23 h - 5 h -----


next event

freistoss / a closer look

#106sports-shorts often reveal very erotic "insights", which, in turn, stimulates sexual imagination. the motto of the freistoss sportswear party: "a closer look". come in fussball outfit or simply with a sexy sports-shorts. sneakers are an absolute "must" and without sportswear you'll not get admission to the sector c.



X X L - naked party supersize

#109the hottest naked-party all over europe on all sectors ! the entrance fee of CHF/EURO 40.- includes all drinks and the wardrobe [excl.spirits]. admission only naked. the rage freecard [points collection card] an not be redeemed. enjoy a unique XXL-naked experience ! TESTING-DAY with the CHECKPOINT zurich: let yourself be tested [20.30h-23.30h] to the following: HIV 10.- and syphilis 5.-. the staff of CHECKPOINT z├╝rich will be happy to inform you.



sector c: piss-off / beer card 3 for 2

#113the "golden shower" party at sector c. wet, hot piss-games at the "pigs-bay". beer card 3 for 2. no dresscode on all sectors.



sector c: sportswear_extra

#110sector c: admission in sportswear [sports-shorts, track-pants/suits, sneakers] with sports-shirts or topless. extra:_additionally allowed: sports-shorts and jocks in combination with a harness. no dresscode on the sectors a+b.



sector c: x-treme leather+rubber

#111the uncompromising fetish-party at sector c: x-treme leather+rubber. only leather or rubber on the naked skin. no dresscode on the sectors a b.



sector c: underwear, jocks, naked +plus

#115"show me your underwear", the "bigger and hornier special !" the first time as a +plus-party, including the galery and the lounge ! admission only in underwear, boxer-shorts, slips, jocks or naked. no dresscode on the sectors a+b.



prollboyz "sport"

#114the prollboyz party presents a "sport"-special. sportswear is the theme; hot sports-shorts and sports-socks and of course also tracksuits and trackpants. wear it together with proll-sneakers. be a horny prollboy ! proll-outfit desired on all sectors, but not imperative on the sectors a+b.



sector c: friday naked +plus

#116once again, bigger and hornier: the naked party +plus at sector c, including the gallery and the lounge ! no dresscode on the sectors a+b.



construction area / workers in gear

#117europe's horniest workwear party "workers in gear" welcomes you to the construction site area ! carpentry, construction workers, carpenters in worker-pants, dungarees and guild-pants meet for horny worker-sex-sessions. for the full worker bladder ensures the construction-site beer card 3 for 2! >>> + plus = the sector c is enlarged by adding the gallery and the lounge. work hard & play safe. no dresscode on the sectors a+b.